N001: Modularity

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A kernel runs on different platforms. A modular design allows the user to scale the kernel for its application. Modularity also increases flexibility because components can be replaced.


IDTitleUser StoryPriority
N001-1Kernel DependenciesAs a maintainer, I want the dependencies between the kernel components to be kept at a minimum, so that I can rewrite/replace components.high
N001-3Application DependenciesAs a company, we want to keep RTOS specific code to a minimum, so we can switch to another RTOS if we need to.low
N001-4HAL InterfaceAs a developer, I want to use my own HAL, so that I can reuse preexisting code.high
N001-5Kernel ConfigurationAs a developer, I want to enable/disable individual kernel components, so that I can tailor the kernel to my needs.medium



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