F004: Memory Management

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Volatile and non-volatile memory are critical components for safety and security. This component is responsible for managing access to any memory.


IDTitleUser StoryPriorityStatus
F004-1Stack OverflowAs a maintainer, I want to trap stack overflows, so that no other task gets corrupted.highdone
F004-2HeapAs a maker, I want to use Rusts dynamic container types, so that I can use modern programming paradigms.mediumdone
F004-3Memory PoolAs a developer, I want to use a deterministic dynamic memory (heap) without fragmentation, so that I don't get fragmentation issues from long run times.mediumdone
F004-4Pool ConfigurationAs a developer, I want to structure the heap at run time, so that I have maximum flexibility in my code.lowdone
F004-5Unsafe IsolationAs a developer, I want to run unsafe libraries in isolation, so that I can use preexisting code without corruption of my safe application.lowto review
F004-6Kernel IsolationAs a maintainer, I want to isolate the kernel memory from user code, so that an error in user code cannot corrupt the whole system.mediumdone



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