F005: Peripheral Management

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Peripherals are hardware components integrated in the MCU which are not part of the CPU core. They drive board components and form an interface to physical world outside the embedded system. This management component assures that access to the peripherals is easy, safe and secure.


IDTitleUser StoryPriorityStatus
F005-1Peripheral AccessAs a developer, I want to choose which parts of the software are allowed to access peripherals at compile time, so that rogue/malicious task destablizes the embedded system.lowto review
F005-2Peripheral SharingAs a developer, I want to share bus interfaces amongst multiple tasks, so that separate drivers for hardware components that run on the same bus.mediumto review
F005-3Power ManagementAs a maintainer, I want the RTOS to track the power state of each peripheral, so that the kernel can select sleep modes autonomously.lowto review
F005-4Embedded HALAs a maker, I want to use the embedded-hal, so that I can use existing device drivers.mediumto review



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