F002: Synchronization Primitives

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Synchronization primitives provide the most basic and essential form of communication between tasks. They protect resources, synchronize work and trigger actions.


IDTitleUser StoryPriorityStatus
F002-1MutexAs a developer, I want that a single resource can only access from one task at a time, so that I can share resources between tasks without data hazards.highdone
F002-2Priority InversionAs a developer, I want no unbounded priority inversion to occur when a tasks tries to access a shared resource, so that a task doesn't starve.mediumplanned
F002-3Counting SemaphoreAs a developer, I want to create an object that can be taken/given a multiple times, so that I can synchronize multiple tasks.highdone
F002-4Event FlagsAs a developer, I want to trigger an action on a combination of events, so that I can react to system events efficiently.lowplanned



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